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Communicating for Teamwork

A key part of our philosophy is to identify what we call “a game worth playing” which is a combination of the shared vision for the enterprise and the recognition of the joy and fun of pursuing the vision that makes it worthwhile.  Once a “game worth playing” is identified, teamwork is possible.  Our teambuilding workshop concentrates on the communication skills and leadership characteristics necessary for teamwork.  We do this in a fun and participative format.

As the title implies, it is necessary for everyone to be an advocate for teamwork, committed to creating teamwork, and armed with the skills to produce it.  This workshop is designed to enable people in each of these three areas:

1.  How to be an advocate for Teamwork, and why advocacy is necessary.

2.  The Commitment to Teamwork, and what it looks like.

3.  The Communication Skills essential to Teamwork.

This workshop has exercises and role plays to practice the communication concepts learned.  The workshop provides the opportunity to dialogue about teamwork and what works and doesn’t work in regards to communication. 

This is a half day session, but can be combined with a Vision to Action front end to create a full day session.  If the Vision to Action piece is included it creates a framework for putting the power of teamwork focused on the shared vision of the company.  The concept behind Communicating for Teamwork is that specific communication skills are required for teamwork to exist.  This is very much a communication skills workshop where we practice the fundamentals of communicating for results, dealing with breakdowns, avoiding gossip, and dealing with the frustrations and opportunities that occur in business.  The focus of this workshop is on developing key communication skills for teamwork, and no time is spent on company issues or projects.  This workshop is good foundation piece for further development work that does address specific issues.  A follow-up session is included two to three weeks after the session.

Some of the Topics covered include:

What being an advocate for teamwork means

What a commitment to teamwork is, and why it is necessary.

Communication skills essential to teamwork

Ž    The Culture of Improvement

Ž  Can we talk here?

Ž     The Culture of Communicating what isn’t working

Ž      Dealing with Gossip

Ž      Communicating to Deepen Commitment

Ž      Communicating for Agreements


"Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed."

Proverbs 15:22


There is something inspiring about individuals passionate about a shared vision, working together to make it happen.


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