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Vision to Action

Creating a shared organizational vision requires clarification of personal vision.  Vision to Action is a dialogue process that can include the entire company, the management team, or just the founder/owner.  It will clarify what is important to every individual, creating a powerful foundation for a shared corporate vision.  Participants identify goals, actions, and communication skills necessary to manifest the vision and values of the organization.  This program can be a method for recovering from downsizing, improving organizational performance, or simply bringing joy and satisfaction back into work. 

Vision to Action - The Workshop

The Vision to Action workshop begins with personal vision and moves to shared vision and then addresses  skills of problem solving and communications.  This workshop has a bias in favor of clarifying the vision and goals of the company, with fundamental communication skills necessary for the team to accomplish the goals associated with the vision.  This is an excellent workshop to clarify or define the vision of an organization and then target one or two projects to put the vision into action.  Less emphasis on communication skills and more emphasis on the role of vision, the definition of shared vision, and the fundamental tools necessary to move ahead are contained in this workshop.  This is an excellent workshop for the organization wanting to kick of a period of development work and wanting a participation in clarifying or defining the vision.  This session can be used as a strategic planning kick-off, and some fundamental strategic planning can be accomplished in this full day session.  A pre-session questionnaire is sent out and returned.  One of the questionnaires is for personal use to help clarify personal vision (which is covered in the morning session).  A follow-up session is included two to three weeks after the workshop.

Some of the Topics covered include:

         Community Building (the four steps)

         Personal Vision - the key to leadership

         The Power of your Key Commitment Areas

         How to Become More Valuable

         Shared Vision (go over vision document)

         How to Move from Vision to Action

         Present Reality and the GAP

         Communication Skills - Teambuilding

                        Observation / Interpretation


                        Making Agreements

         Moving into Action  



"Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed."

Proverbs 15:22


There is something inspiring about individuals passionate about a shared vision, working together to make it happen.


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